Real stories

Jackaroo Fergus

Fergus had been driving late one afternoon on a remote cattle station when his world was literally turned upside down.

His 4WD flipped, leaving the teenage jackaroo struggling to breathe in the dark. He had fractured several vertebrae, punctured both lungs, and was in urgent need of emergency care.

We were able to stabilise him, drive him to the nearest airstrip, and then fly him out for the specialist care he needed.

To all Australians travelling, living and working outside our cities, our service can make the difference between life and death.

I know I’ve been give a second chance, thanks to the RFDS, and I can’t thank them enough.

We will be forever grateful to the RFDS and its supporters.

Baby Haillie

When Haillie was just 11 days old, doctors discovered she had been born with the arteries to her heart on the wrong side of her body. Without urgent open-heart surgery, she only had weeks to live. Mum Debbie still recalls: “It was shocking, heart-breaking, a living nightmare.”

The only specialists capable of performing Haillie’s life-saving surgery were in Melbourne.

The Flying Doctor was called and immediately responded with a fully equipped plane and medical crew. Haillie is now safe at home with her family, lucky to be alive.