About Cloud

Cloud Climb was a brand new challenge event to raise money to buy vital equipment for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The RFDS goes above and beyond to save lives every day of the week – Cloud Climb gave people the chance to do the same.

The challenge

This was no walk in the park (unless that park has a lot of steps). This was Australia’s highest stair climb. People aimed to climb 10,000 stairs in just over 10 days – that’s the equivalent of scaling the Rialto Tower nearly every day!

Teams of 4 racked up enough vertical height to reach the cruising altitude of one of our planes, and in the process helped us continue saving lives.


The money raised by our Climbers was used to buy vital equipment, like this portable defibrillator (Heart Start machine).

As well as being used for continuous heart monitoring, these machines can provide immediate life-saving defibrillation – an electrical shock to restart the heart – should the patient have a cardiac arrest.

Need help?

If you have a question for the Cloud Climb team, feel free to contact us using any of these details.